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Two fashion-world power players call on architects Janson Goldstein and OTL to transform a staid prewar penthouse into an urbane showpiece.

In a mere 18 months, a maze of dark rooms was turned into an open, light-filled space that magnified the distinguished prewar vibe, hinted at in the apartment’s leaded casement windows, while simultaneously opening up the 360-degree vistas. 

The Details

  • 23 new exterior openings added, each intersecting perfectly and purposefully with the central planes and interiors of each room

  • Sound-proofing and insulation of ceilings to block noise of condensers on the roof

  • Finely constructed built-ins, upholstered and adjustable gallery hallway, and European oak flooring in a custom color that combined three shades

  • Wrap-around terrace on three building exposures

  • Sustainable and eco-conscious decisions were prioritized without sacrificing quality, design or taste


Janson Goldstein
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Miraculously the twosome demolished and reconfigured and decorated all in the space of 18 months. How did they manage it?