We have worked with OTL on multiple projects, including several residences and a commercial showroom. Their work has been professional and well managed; the quality of the finished product is superb and the group works well as a team. They are one of the best General Contractors in New York.
— Janson Goldstein LLP
Working with OTL on BLUE was the most positive experience. It is indeed unusual for an Architect to have an opportunity to collaborate with Developers who are experienced Contractors, or - if you prefer - with Contractors who are capable Developers; OTL, however, is most certainly both. As a result, the work process was remarkably streamlined and effective. From day one, OTL coordinated regular meetings with the main Consultants, the Executive Architect, the Real Estate agent in charge of marketing the building, and the Expeditor, among others. Both the design and construction phases were most efficiently managed by OTL. The building was completed on time and on budget with most of the units sold before the opening. BLUE received international acclaim and was exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2014.
— Bernard Tschumi Architects
Everyone at OTL is the ultimate professional - from the Principals to the Project Managers, to the Estimators, to the DOB Expert, to the Site Superintendents. Their expertise and
experience give everyone involved in a project great comfort that things are taken care of.
We have worked with OTL on several projects - both residential and commercial -
and have always counted on their punctuality and precision. Whether they are developing or
building, discussing design and construction details, or addressing site contingencies,
the outcome invariably results in a wonderful balance between pragmatism and beauty.
OTL is most certainly one of the top construction and development firms in New York.

— Antonio di Oronzo, Architect
It was a pleasure to work with OTL - their entire team showed dedication and professionalism throughout the construction process, and a real interest in problem-solving for issues both large and small.
— Nina Kramer, Landscape Architect


OTL Enterprises renovated our home with an incredible commitment to and promise for the quality of its construction, but – equally as important - was also wonderfully responsive and attentive to our every need throughout the process. Even after the job was completed, OTL executed our additional requests expeditiously and with professionalism.
Just thought I should let you know how FABULOUS OTL is!!! They are all so lovely and respectful - it’s such a pleasure to have them working in the apartment. Their Supervisor has organized for a group of cleaners to come by tomorrow morning to clean everything up spotlessly. Really - thank you so much for all you have done and for coordinating their work!
We found OTL’s estimates of both cost and time to be fair, accurate and transparent (to boot, they finished ahead of schedule). When solving problems or encountering unforeseen issues, OTL brings to bear the full force of their broad expertise – displaying diligence to ensure all work complies with current code and safety regulations, and a consistent execution of clean, organized and safe site management. Regarding the team, every single member was personable, friendly, professional, and incredibly responsive - both during construction and after its completion. It’s clear that they take great pride and care in their work, resulting in a high-quality end-product.
OTL’s work with us, coordinated with our architect and designer, included Buildings Department and Landmark permitting and was completed without a hitch. OTL understood what our dream was. Each morning began with a meeting among team members, each respecting the other, and included my husband and me when necessary. Whatever unexpected site conditions arose, alternate plans and pricing were developed. The best alternatives regarding how to proceed were clearly explained to us, with the OTL team guiding us to best alternatives, which were not always the most expensive.

The end of this tribute is that my husband and I love our house. The work was finished on time and on budget; the coordination was excellent and the level of professionalism shown was extraordinary. We are the only people we know who would be happy to undertake a major renovation again...but only, of course, if OTL is in charge.
As a restaurant owner in New York City, there is almost no one who understands better that time is money – except, maybe, for a General Contractor. The team at OTL understood that we were up against a set deadline to open Café Tallulah’s doors to the public, and they worked diligently to make sure we met it. We were thrilled with the results, and so are our customers.


Working with the OTL team is always a pleasure. Having known John Carson for almost 20 years, I have found his ability to choose challenging projects, as well as smart and energetic PMs, to be beyond compare. I’m looking forward to the next 20.
— James | Demo
We have been working with OTL for more than 15 years, and it is always a pleasure – the team is extremely professional, and consistent in their delivery of stellar work from the start of a project to its completion. Projects are thought through thoroughly so that they may be finished in a timely manner and without delays. Additionally, they are courteous, loyal and have a great staff behind them that show real commitment. I appreciate OTL’s business and make a point to always go above and beyond for them.
— Ben | Windows
Working with OTL is like working with family –there are no headaches and we just get the job done....
— Joe | Plumbing
The most significant thing that I speak of when talking about OTL is the fact that they are not like most CM’s or GC’s! John and Angelo remind me of Ben and Jerry! Down to earth, good-hearted human beings in an industry full of individuals who seem to only look out for themselves. In a leadership capacity, they far exceed any of those so-called big name companies.

We have been working together for many years now and I know how much effort and dedication they put into every project. Their office is efficient and dependable. OTL has top Project Managers and Site Supervisors to navigate through any project without any major issues.

As a subcontractor working for OTL, I can honestly say that there has not been one project that we have been on that has not been successfully completed on schedule and to our clients’ pleasure.
— Angelo | Carpentry/Millwork


Dear Mr. Carson,

As a longtime resident of West 47th Street, I would like to congratulate you and your team. From my kitchen window, I have witnessed all phases of your 47th Street project... Even looking at the work from the outside, it has been abundantly clear that all is being accomplished in a top-notch, professional manner - systematic and orderly. I have also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Santana & company. The men have been very good and considerate neighbors throughout the process.