In Progress: Two Projects Near Completion

In construction, some of the most rewarding moments come when a project successfully draws to a close. As builders, we draw a tremendous sense of pride from seeing months of careful coordination and forethought realized as a finished building. This spring, OTL has the privilege of completing two residential development projects in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Both projects feature clean, modern design, and gorgeous finishes, each with its own personality and feel. We feature the interiors of both projects here:

Henry Street

Columbia Street

In Progress: 325 Henry Street

Progress at the 325 Henry Street site in Brooklyn has charged ahead through the summer and fall. The project has progressed from a seventeen-foot deep excavation to a complete concrete foundation and superstructure. As of this publishing, the building has topped out and the crew is preparing for the next phase of work. We are all excited to see this building continue to take shape as the facade construction begins.

Breaking Ground: OTL Takes Brooklyn

OTL has built in Brooklyn before, but our presence in New York's largest borough has never been stronger. With three projects set to take place over the next two years, OTL is ramping up operations across the river. Each of these diverse projects presents unique challenges for the firm and tackling them has required a great deal of pre-construction planning. Some site work has already been completed and we are excited to get these projects fully underway. Look out for "In Progress" web updates as these projects forge ahead.

"We have started to venture into boroughs other than Manhattan and I think that is where our future growth lies." - Angelo Cosentini, Principal

Breaking Ground: 17th Street

Foundation and superstructure work is underway at 221 West 17th Street and concrete trucks are lined up down the block. For this project OTL is acting as Construction Manager and General Contractor to convert an existing 6 story commercial building into 10 stories of luxury condos and prime retail space. This project's sequence of work is very complex as the existing structure must be strengthened or replaced piece by piece. Underpinning is complete and new concrete columns are being formed around the existing cast iron columns. In addition to the concrete work, a steel shoring truss is being installed at the top floor which will soon relieve two columns of their load so they can be removed to make way for the new core of the building. All of this work takes great coordination between the OTL team and several trades working in synchronization. Everyone is excited to see this challenging and unique project take shape.

In-Progress: 47th Street

Now that we’ve finished the first phase of interior removals, the excavation phase begins. This includes the underpinning of the neighboring buildings and front wall, as well as 6’ of bedrock excavation. These photos showcase preparation for the pouring of concrete foundation walls by way of sheeting, shoring, line drilling and lagging. The steel bracing holds up the existing four floors while excavation is finished.

Breaking Ground: 47th Street

Demolition commenced on West 47th Street, where OTL, acting as Construction Manager and General Contractor, is transforming a commercial building into a 14,000 sq ft, 7-story building of luxe condos. Tracking for completion by Spring 2016, the completed building will house 5 units including 1 triplex with a townhouse feel to it which will include a private garage space, 1 duplex and 3 full floor units. Architect: William Leggio Architect LLC