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This landmarked 6-story townhouse just off of Central Park West was converted from a multi-family residential building to a single-family masterpiece with the latest and best in luxury townhouse living. Featuring level-5 finishes such as 12” crown moldings, walnut and mahogany paneling throughout, a cutting-edge hydronic radiant floor heating system and multiple spaces for outdoor-living, this 4 bedroom/6 bathroom residence is a townhouse unlike any other in Manhattan.

The Details

  • OTL rebuilt the upper masonry walls and roof structure, in addition to the back of the building, and reinforced the structure with steel to support the massive, multi-story window openings. Floors were also leveled and sistered.

  • The interior 7-story staircase was completely rebuilt - showcasing superior craftsmanship. The building's original barley twisted handrail was reused for the first floor only and masterfully replicated on others, while the style shifts when it reaches the top floor, mimicking the airy, modern glass-encased bulkhead.

  • Green spaces were a priority: the ground floor spa and gym open to a rear garden, a living wall flanks the two-story back windows, and a rooftop garden with solar rooftop panels reduces energy use and costs 

Mullman Seidman Architects
Landscape Architect Nina Kramer