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BLUE is a glittering 16-story luxury condominium with an exterior that resembles a perfectly cut azure gemstone, the unequivocal jewel in Manhattan’s Lower East Side’s crown. The building was internationally-acclaimed Architect Bernard Tschumi’s first residential endeavor, making its construction one of downtown Manhattan’s most widely-anticipated projects of recent years. The apartments themselves were designed with both luxurious and sustainable fixtures and finishes such as palm floors, stone-floor baths and glass tiles.

The Details

  • The site that Blue was built on posed a number of zoning complexities, the planning and approvals of which were navigated and managed by OTL.

  • From the complicated deep pile foundation to the 21’ cantilever at the upper floors, the structural complexity of the project won awards for its achievements in concrete superstructure. The complex geometry of the glass curtain wall had to be closely synchronized with both the structure and the interior architectural elements.

  • The schematic design stage of the glass façade started out with a wide use of the color spectrum and was ultimately distilled down to the 4 stunning shades of blue.  

  • OTL gained unparalleled structural experience during this project that has since been applied to several residential projects.


Bernard Tschumi
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I can’t get the Blue Building out of my mind.
— “A Ragtag Neighborhood’s Big, Blue Newcomer” | The New York Times, September 4, 2007